Wedding Cake

wedding cake table tablecloth

What do you need to know about the wedding cake table?

One of the most expected things on every wedding is the Wedding cake. It is not just a dessert anymore – it became a way to emphasize the unique story of young couple`s love, to impress the guests and to remind them of the main theme and motive of the wedding. Here is the question: what kind of wedding cake tables are trendy next bridal season? The time of huge crème ...

2015 wedding cakes gallery

2015 Wedding Cakes

In 2015 wedding cakes are becoming as diverse as the brides who select them. Gone is the de rigueur three-tier frosted in white buttercream, topped with flowers or a spun-sugar bride and groom figure. In are the tiers of gaily-colored cookies, towers of macaroons, and stacks of pancakes. Of course, brides who select the traditional cakes will not be alone. There are plenty ...

personalized cake toppers for wedding cakes

The Romantic Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers

Recently the famous design of wedding cake is personalised wedding cake toppers. The cake was picture of characteristic personal of bride. The topper is miniature of the both bride and groom. Face of the bride is made as the toppers. It will look so romantic. You can create a design for the theme of topper. For example you make a theme of bride between you and your couple use ...